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  • 6 Pack X Brita Maxtra Water Genuine Replacement Filter Jug Refills Cartridges

    Product Description

    Note: Activate the filter: to be filtered twice to activate the filter. The first two cans of filter water gray, this is normal, pour the first two filtered water, the third filter, you can enjoy cleaner, purer and more delicious filtered water.


    6 Pack For Brita Maxtra Water Filter Two kinds of packing random delivery


    *BRITA MAXTRA water filter cartridges reduce limescale, chlorine and impurities.

    *Fits all BRITA MAXTRA jug systems and BRITA partner products.

    *Each cartridge lasts for approximately one month for optimum performance.

    *Convenient ring pull handle for easy exchange.

    *No pre-soaking required.

    *100% recyclable.

    *Suitable for all water types.

  • BRITA Maxtra+ Plus x 3 Water Filter Jug Replacement Cartridges Refills UK Pack

    Brita Maxtra + Universal Water Filter Genuine

    please note : packaging may vary 3 packs will be sent in loose packaging not in 3 packs box

    MAXTRA + New Formula cleaner , fresher , tasting water


    Item Description :

    Maxtra + Cartridges reduces chlorine and other impurities
    100% Recyclable and eco – Friendly
    Ideal for cooking healthy food
    Fits all Brita Maxtra Jugs / kettles /Coffee machines

  • SODASTREAM Spirit Sparkling Water Maker – Black – Currys

    Key Features

    Top features:

    – Create fizzy water in seconds and re-fizz if it goes flat

    – Choose from three levels of carbonation to suit your taste

    – Make up to 60 litres of water and save money

    Create fizzy water in seconds

    You don’t need to go to the supermarket for your sparkling water. The Sodastream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker creates fizzy water in seconds using tap water, offering a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. When your supermarket-bought sparkling water loses fizz, you may decide to pour it down the drain, but with the Sodastream, you can add the fizz back in seconds.

    Choose from three levels of carbonation

    How do you like yours? Choose from three levels of carbonation to suit your taste. Add more fizz for sparkling water with a nice energising burst of fizz, or lower the fizz for a gentler drink. You can even add some natural fruit to create delicious flavoured drinks.

    A snap-lock bottle system makes creating drinks quick and easy, so that you can stay hydrated with ease.

    Make up to 60 litres of water

    Making your own fizzy water also saves you money. Make up to 60 litres of sparkling water at a cost of around just 17 pence per litre.

    It also has the benefit of cutting down on your use of single-use plastic bottles, saving you the hassle of carrying heavy bottles back from the shop and helping the environment. The 1 litre BPA-free PET carbonating bottles have a lifespan of up to three years, helping to reduce how many disposable bottles end up in landfills.


    Colour: Black
    CO2 drinks yield: Makes up to 60 litres
    Carbonating bottle: 1 x 1 litre
    Colour: Black
    Dimensions: 430 x 130 x 200 mm (H x W x D)
    Weight: 2.09 kg
    BlackBox contents:
    Sodasteam Drinks Maker, 1 litre carbonating bottle, 60 litre gas cylinderDimensions:
    430 x 130 x 200 mm (H x W x D)Weight:
    2.09 kgManufacturer’s guarantee:
    2 years
    Product Code: 216576