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CHOCOCINO (16 pods = 8 servings)A devilishly smooth hot chocolate with the full flavour of specially selected cocoa beans and rounded off with a delicate layer of frothy milk. If you’re passionate about deliciously good chocolate, Chococino is the ultimate indulgence

MOCHA (16 pods = 8 servings)Blending the full-bodied flavour of coffee with deliciously smooth chocolate, the Mocha is the perfect way to indulge in a moment of pure bliss. Or, if you’re prepared to share, you could always enjoy it with friends! Just don’t forget to save one for later…

CAPPUCCINO (16 pods = 8 servings)Cappuccino is Italian for hood. The foam on a cappuccino retains the heat of the coffee below – just like a hood!

CAPPUCCINO SKINNY (16 pods = 8 servings)It’s no surprise that Cappuccinos are so popular. The intense shot of espresso, all that delightful froth, a delicate dusting of chocolate… Well now you can enjoy our delicious Cappuccino without feeling guilty! Tailor-made for your 11 o’clock break, it’s low in fat, only 49 calories a cup and full of flavour!

ESPRESSO (16 pods = 16 servings)Intense aromas and a full-bodied flavour with a velvety crema finish.It is the smooth crema layer that tells you you’re drinking an intensely authentic, full-bodied espresso. The crema creates a ‘cap’, retaining the coffees aromas and flavours for the perfect after dinner coffee

ESPRESSO INTENSO (16 pods = 16 servings)If you love an after dinner Espresso, you’ll love Espresso Intenso. As the name suggests, our cheeky little shot just got even cheekier. Thanks to our maximum 15-bar pump pressure, Intenso is high on aroma and flavours, with a velvety crema layer that will add flavour and life to any after dinner conversation.

ESPRESSO INTENSO DECAF (16 pods = 16 servings)Espresso Intenso Decaffeinato is an intensely roasted blend uncompromisingly decaffeinated to preserve its strong personality and unleash its powerful nature. Experiment this new decaffeinated creation, with its toasted and spicy notes, roasted aromas and persistent aftertaste. Enjoy its full body and dense velvety crema and discover a new decaffeinated pleasure.

LUNGO (16 pods = 16 servings)Literally a ‘long coffee’, Lungo is a ‘stretched’ espresso. Instead of making a shot, enough hot water to fill a regular coffee cup (but not a mug) is passed through the roast and ground coffee. The result: a rich and smooth coffee that you can take your time over.

LUNGO DECAF (16 pods = 16 servings)Literally a ‘long coffee’, Caffè Lungo Decaff is a ‘stretched’ espresso without all the caffeine.

LATTE MACCHIATO (16 pods = 8 servings)Effectively an upside-down Caffè Latte, the ‘latte macchiato’ literally means ‘stained milk’! When you’ve filled your latte glass with hot, frothy milk, add a cheeky shot of espresso and you’ll soon see the ‘macchia’.

LATTE MACCHIATO SKINNY (16 pods = 8 servings)Effectively an upside-down Caffè Latte, the ‘latte macchiato’ literally means ‘stained milk’! When you’ve filled your latte glass with hot, frothy milk, add a cheeky shot of espresso and you’ll soon see the ‘macchia’. But with only 49 calories.

GRANDE CAFFE CREMA (16 pods = 16 servings) – now called just ‘GRANDE’More intense than Americano, Grande Caffè Crema is still one smooth customer! Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans, this medium roast blend makes a deliciously cup of every day coffee with an aromatic crema layer.

CAFE AMERICANO (16 pods = 16 servings)This stylishly smooth blend is the perfect coffee whatever time of day. Milder than a Lungo thanks to its light roast and its carefully selected Roast & Ground beans, Americano is enjoyed best in a large mug. With or without milk.

GRANDE INTENSO (NEW NAME – AMERICANO INTENSO) (16 pods = 16 servings)If you enjoy a mug of coffee with a bit of bite, Grande Intenso is the one for you! Made with deliciously bold roast and ground Arabica coffee for a full flavour and a rich, aromatic crema layer. Intense by name, intense by nature!.

GRANDE MILD (16 pods = 16 servings)If you prefer a mug of coffee with a bit less bite, look no further! Grande Mild has a delightfully mellow flavour and a rich, aromatic crema layer. It might be mild mannered, but it’s bursting with coffee shop quality!.

RISTRETTO BARISTA (16 pods = 16 servings)Short, dark and aromatic, Espresso Barista packs a real punch! It’s the deliciously strong, Italian-style coffee you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Bursting with intensely rich flavours and topped off with a velvety layer of crema.

CAFE AU LAIT (16 pods = 16 servings)Cafe au Lait is a French term which means “coffee on milk.” It is made with strong fresh coffee and hot milk. Cafe au Lait should be be confused with a latte, a drink made with espresso, not strong coffee.

CHAI TEA LATTE (16 pods = 8 servings)|A delicious blend of rich, black tea smoothed with milk and infused with the exotic flavors of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger.

RISTRETTO ARDENZA (16 pods = 8 servings)Ardenza takes the classic espresso to another level. A little shorter, Ristretto is made by passing less water through the coffee. What this means is that you get a short, robust espresso that has a smoky aroma with a deliciously peppery aftertaste.

CARAMEL LATTE MACCHIATO (16 pods = 8 servings)A perfect blend of caramel, deep espresso and pillowy froth-it’s a delicious escape whenever you need it.

VANILLA LATTE MACCHIATO (16 pods = 8 servings)When should you savor steamed frothy milk, aromatic hints of vanilla and full-bodied espresso? What time is it now?

LATTE MACCHIATO UNSWEETENED (16 pods = 8 servings)Made with 100% Roast & Ground Arabica beans, our Unsweetened Latte Macchiato has no added sugar and delivers a slightly more intense coffee flavour. Effectively an upside-down Caffè Latte, ‘latte macchiato’ literally means stained milk – the stain comes from a shot of espresso…

CAPPUCINO ICE (16 pods = 8 servings)Serve this combination of strong espresso and creamy milk over ice for a refreshing pick-me up.

ESPRESSO DECAF (16 pods = 16 servings)Espresso Decaf is high on aroma and taste and topped with a velvety crema layer. So you can keep on conversing – without the caffeine kick.

ESPRESSO RISTRETTO (16 pods =16 servings) Ristretto is a very short espresso shot – it’s our cheekiest coffee yet! With less water passed through the coffee, Ristrettos are bold, full-flavoured and the perfect ‘pick-me-up’ – morning, noon or night.

ESPRESSO CORTADO MACCHIATO (16 pods = 16 servings)A little shot of coffee heaven: shorter than an espresso, full bodied with a velvety crema layer.Also known as ‘corto’ (short)

ESPRESSO CORTADO MACCHIATO DECAF (16 pods = 16 servings) Fill your espresso cup with decaf deliciousness. With all of the taste, but without all of the caffeine, this coffee capsule drink is not just brilliant for enjoying in the morning, but lovely at any time of day. Rich and intensely aromatic, our decaf Espresso Macchiato pod beverages are made with decaffeinated coffee and milk. Called ‘Cortado’ by the Spanish, this pod is definitely one for espresso lovers.

CHOCO CARAMEL (16 pods = 16 servings)The hot chocolate favourite but with a caramel twist.

MILK TEA (16 pods = 16 servings)This new take on an old favourite is sweet, frothy and fragrant.

MARRAKESH TEA (16 pods = 16 servings)A blend of aromatic green tea, intensely flavourful and refreshing mint, topped with Dolce Gusto’s infamous mousse and sweetened to perfection.

ESPRESSO CARAMEL (16 pods = 16 servings)The delicious intensity of an espresso with just a hint of rich caramel flavour.

LUNGO INTENSO (16 pods = 16 servings)The more intense version of the ‘stretched’ espresso. Enjoy with or without milk.

CITRUS HONEY BLACK TEA (16 pods = 16 servings)Discover this dynamic yet smooth creation and enjoy its surprising flavour combination between the smooth tanginess of a honey and citrus cocktail and the swing of black tea with a glimpse of ginger. A gentle tangy inspiration.

CAFE AU LAIT INTENSO (16 pods = 16 servings)Enjoy its bold coffee flavour, reminding of freshly roasted beans, expertly tempered by the softness of milk, for a creamy tasting yet, intense coffee experience. Expertly blended South Asian Robusta with the right hint of whole milk for an intense and velvety coffee, in one convenient capsule.

CAFE AU LAIT DECAF (16 pods = 16 servings)Whether it’s late in the evening or you just fancy a decaffeinated coffee, Café au Lait Decaffeinated will delight you with its milky coffee aroma topped with silky foam, all in one clever capsule.

NESQUIK (16 pods = 16 servings)Nesquik has been America’s 1 flavored milk for over 50 years! Nesquik and the Nesquik Bunny provide kids and families with fun ways to turn milk into an irresistibly delicious, extra nutritious drink.

FLAT WHITE (16 pods = 16 servings)Discover our smooth Flat White for a creamy-tasting coffee break in the comfort of your own home, and fall for its delicious, velvety notes.

STARBUCKS COLOMBIA (12 pods = 12 servings)Colombian countryside, these farms produce the very best of this amazing coffee. For us the round body, juicy taste and signature nutty finish are worth the journey every single time.

STARBUCKS AMERICANO (12 pods = 12 servings)In Latin America, coffee farms are often run by families, with their own homes on the same land where their coffee grows. We’ve sipped coffee with these farmers for decades, sitting on their verandas, overlooking the lush beauty of the coffee trees rolling out in the distance. Most times it was a lightly roasted coffee like this one – mellow and flavorful with a nice softness.

STARBUCKS LATTE (12 pods = 6 servings)Discover the smooth and creamy STARBUCKS® Latte Macchiato Coffee Pods.Inspired by the STARBUCKS® Latte Macchiato you love – velvety, rich and deliciously familiar. Create professional quality coffees with a thick velvety crema.

STARBUCKS CARAMEL LATTE (12 pods = 6 servings)Inspired by the STARBUCKS Caramel Macchiato you love, indulge in the creamy bliss of dairy and caramel flavour.

STARBUCKS CAPPUCCINO (12 pods = 6 servings)Dark, rich espresso lies in wait under a smoothed and stretched layer of thick milk foam. An alchemy of barista artistry and craft.

AMARETTO LATTE MACCHIATO (16 pods = 8 servings)Discover the limited-edition NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Latte Macchiato Amaretto coffee pods. Enjoy the indulgent bitter almond taste of an Amaretto flavour, in a soft, velvety Latte Macchiato.

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