Always Maxi Night Profresh Sanitary Pads, 90 Pack

  • Neutralises odours (odour neutralisation technology that provides a delicate scent)
  • To Go Around, protects against leakage and odours protection: the protection always with odour neutralisation technology
  • Pantiliners with super fit technology to stay in place and follow your movements
  • Hygienic towel is super absorbent
  • Voile Cotton, no feeling of cotton)

Three protection zones
ALWAYS Maxi Sanitary Towels with three protection zones feature an extra absorbent core+ zone in the centre and improved anti-leakage barriers* in the front, centre, and back to provide you with great protection and comfort.

*vs. previous product

Improved anti-leakages barriers
The channels of ALWAYS Maxi Sanitary Towels act as anti-leakage barriers that stop fluid from running off the pad. They guide the fluid into the core, resulting in greater leakage protection.

Extra absorbent core+ zone in the centre
The extra absorbent core+ zone in the pad centre is designed to absorb the liquid right where it’s needed the most while providing a great body fit. The re-enforced centre is further surrounded by channels which help keep fluid under control, while the front and back part of the ALWAYS Maxi pad are kept thinner in order to provide you with discretion and comfort.

Flexible wings
Sanitary towel dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin.

MPN: ALW53806-10
EAN: 8001841053806

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