[JaHwangSu] Boeum skin care set

JaHwangSu is absorbed into your skin and makes it noble and beautiful with nutrients. It is an oriental medicine-based product containing Oriental Cellular Life, which is made of nine oriental medicine ingredients based on Okyongseosian treatment, and royal jelly, which provides your skin with energy. It makes your skin lustrous and tight by providing it with moisture and nutrients.

It includes:

JaHwangSu Boeum Toner 150 ml + 30 ml

JaHwangSu Boeum Emulsion 150 ml + 30 ml

JaHwangSu Elastic Cream 50g (certified as anti-wrinkle effect)

JaHwangSu Boeum Essence 30 ml

【Product details】

JaHwangSu Boeum Toner 150 ml + 30ml

product description:

Contains 9 kinds of precious ingredients Oriental Cellular Life, to improve the softness of the skin, so that the skin lasting moisturizing Han Fang lotion.


After cleansing, take appropriate pat on the face, gently massage the texture along the palm of your hand with the skin to help absorb.

JaHwangSu Boeum Emulsion 150 ml + 30ml

product description:

Rich in Oriental Cellular Life ingredients and royal jelly extract, soft skin conditioning, improve skin regeneration and moisturizing nutrients.


After using the essence, take appropriate amount of texture along the skin smear, gently massage the entire face with the palm and meridian points to help

JaHwangSu Elastic Cream 50g

product description:

Enhance skin elasticity. Nine substances can be anti-wrinkle royal jelly, promote cell regeneration, balance skin health.


Use make-up water, take a small amount of skin texture along the gentle smear, and then gently massage the skin along the palm of your hand to help absorb
the texture.

JaHwangSu Boeum Eye Cream 30ml

product description:

Promote cell production and eye metabolism, improve eye skin damage, prevent the production of bags under the eyes.

Can delay aging, dilute the eye fine lines, so that eye skin elasticity.


In the essence, take a small amount of light around the eye, and then gently massage the skin texture along to help absorb.

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