Molecule Scent: Iso E Super 100ml (1 bottle x 100ml)

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Our Iso E Super fragrance has highest concentration of Gamma-isomers on the Market – 22%!!!!
Iso E Super is an aroma chemical, which on its own is less of a fragrance than an effect that people feel. Loved by so many contemporary perfume artists this ingredient is used in high volumes. However, when Iso E Super is smelled in isolation it attracts people like magnet.

Best to describe the scent would be – human pheromones. It has a slightly sweet woodsy, musky aroma and at the same time is transparent. People like it so much! The warmth of the skin is essential for Iso E Super to show its uniqueness and it cannot be detected on paper stripe or straight from the bottle.
Don’t get surprised if a stranger will approach you and ask what kind of scent are you wearing:)
This scent has such a big impact on others, people will notice this subtle smell and will be very intrigued what kind of perfume is it.
It is such a great invention! We do use only the finest ingredients straight from the authorized factories. Best quality for best price!

We do use highest concentration of essence allowed by IFF.
We do use Iso E Super which has most gamma-isomers.

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