This eBook will show you how to find, apply for and get the job you want — in 30 days or less. Or your money back.

Before becoming a professional résumé writer, I read résumés and hired employees at three different companies in North America and in Japan. I also spent 10 years writing for publication, as a textbook writer, teacher, freelance writer and associate editor.

This unique experience helped me develop the Guaranteed Résumé format that has worked so well for clients in 44 states and 23 countries.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions in each chapter. The résumé templates and résumés in the Appendices are there to guide you. They’re all based on real résumés written for my clients; only the names have been changed. If you run into trouble or get writer’s block, just copy and paste from the example résumés to create your own.

You’ll also find chapters to help you write a dynamite cover letter and proofread your résumé. There’s information on how to find the jobs that suit you best, whether you’re using the Internet, the newspaper classified ads or your personal network. And much, much more.

I guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied.


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