This online course will help you to Start Speaking CLEARER, MORE CONFIDENT English Today!

Discover How You Can Speak English Like an American… STEP BY STEP

The American Accent Course is a unique and proven online accent reduction program for people who have learned English as a second language.

What will you Receive in the American Accent Course:

  1. Over 50 Hours of Training!
  2. New Training Materials Every Week for 24 Weeks
  3. Training on Intonation, Rhythm, and Timing
  4. Pronunciation of American English Vowels
  5. Learn What a Schwa is and Why It is So Important for Learning the American Accent
  6. Pronunciation of American English Consonants
  7. How to Blend Consonants Together
  8. How to Properly Link Words Together
  9. Training on Word and Sentence Stress Patterns
  10. Downloadable Audios to Listen ‘On the Go’
  11. Downloadable Workbook
  12. Downloadable Awareness Journal
  13. Exercises and Quizzes
  14. Access to Small Group and Private Classes*
  15. LIFETIME ACCESS to All Materials

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