Dear Partier in Pain,

So you had a blast last night with your friends, but now you are waking back up to the real world and it’s happened again…HANGOVER! UGH!

Worse than that you have to be at work in one hour! Your head is pounding, your stomach is turning like the sea, and you feel so dizzy you can’t even think straight.

You are considering breaking every light in the house just so your eyes don’t have to deal with the pain.

Your mouth is so dry and you feel so weak, you just want to go back to bed and wake up when it’s over, and then all of the sudden you feel it coming.

Yep, your running to the restroom to up chug! That should help your headache!

Does this sound like anything you have ever been through?

Well, join the crowd. Hangovers: Everyone gets them, and they all SUCK!

I myself have had my fair share of waking up feeling like I might be a part zombie, or just merely in the process of turning rather. 🙂

I frankly got tired of dealing with it and I made it a point to go on a quest to find a cure for the crap.

And what I found out was…

Look, let’s be realistic here. Almost everyone is going to drink at some point. Whether it be a friend getting married, a party at a friend’s house, Christmas parties, birthday parties, to celebrate getting a promotion at work, or even if you LOST your job.

At some point in time it’s going to happen and then you get the privilege of dealing with the profound pain of a stupid hangover.

I personally would rather eat dirt than deal with a hangover. So as I was saying I went all out to gather all the little know stuff about dealing with this party pooper.

I found a bunch of helpful things, and I found some things that were as useless as an ashtray on a surfboard. Some were really out there, crap I wouldn’t even TRY!

But what I did find as I “experimented” was that there were things that prevented, helped, and cured hangovers!

And when I say “experimented” with them, I mean my friends and I would go out and party hardy.

So what I started to do was compile a list and created a report about hangovers to educate people and save them a lot of pain and suffering just because they wanted to have a little fun and get loose.

With the information I have in this report, you could be as drunk as David Hasselhoff tearing up Sonic burgers and you would wake up feeling no effects from the night before; being able to go on about your life and complete everyday tasks.

Without the secrets I have in this book I would’ve had a lot of painful mornings, and would’ve probably lost my job by now. But as I said, I was able to get up and not feel like six gallons of crap in a five-gallon bucket.

If you plan on drinking, especially throwing down more than you should at one sitting, then you surely need this hangover’s helper guide.

With the tips and advice, I give you will never have to put up with the symptoms of a hangover again…guaranteed!
And you thought that cures for painful and dreaded hangovers were as scarce as rocking horse dung!

Okay, so I’m sure you…or for that matter, your HEAD is dying to see what’s inside this report, I’m not going to leave you hanging anymore!

No one plans on getting a hangover. But if, and when you do this life-saving guide could mean the difference between a great night, or a great night with a hellish morning. This report is a cure-all for anyone suffering from hangovers, period! Just take a look at some of the things discussed in the report…

  • Learn what steps to take and what to do before ever taking your first drink.
  • Get information on how a hangover actually occurs and why.
  • Find out why drinking on an empty stomach can really screw up your next morning and leave you feeling worse for a longer period of time.
  • Discover information about a miracle ingredient in eggs that really has a great impact on hangovers.
  • Get tips on why one should NEVER mix alcohol and caffeine.
  • A detailed list of supplements you can get to prevent and cure hangovers.
  • Helpful and refreshing beverages that can help get you through a hangover quickly.
  • Big discussions on the variety of foods that will replenish your body fast with the specific nutrients you lost while intoxicated; thus curing your hangover FAST.
  • Receive the general do’s and don’ts to drinking to avoid hangovers.
  • This report is filled with educational advice to boost your knowledge about hangovers so you never have to experience one ever again.
  • And that’s just a peek inside!

If you’re still not convinced that you need this report to let me give you some food for thought.

Think about how many times a year you purchase alcohol. That number can get pretty high if you party a lot. And it can get easily into the hundreds when hosting parties.

Ask yourself this…Would you jump into a race car and proceed to speeds of 200mph with a nice health and dental insurance?…(And life insurance also for that matter!)

🙂 Heck no you wouldn’t! So why would you get wasted and be trapped with a hangover?

How much money do you spend each year going to the doctors for medical help heal your hangover symptoms each year? (We all know how expensive the doctor visits are)Need I say more?

Well, I wanted to make this affordable as possible so I thought about a fair market price of $27 dollars. Then I guess I got drunk or something…just kidding 🙂 and came up with a special limited time offer for a unbelievable offer of a measly…

The Hangover Survival Guide


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